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I only have like $500, and I need to get the BEST gaming PC that I can make. Can someone help me out choosing the parts? I already got the OS, hard drives, RAM, and SOME cables (rest will be about $30). Thats everything I have so far, and I need everything else like CD drive, case, etc. Can the parts also be from or And remember, I want the BEST GAMING PC I can get!

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  1. try ebay for parts

  2. All prices are from Newegg.

    Athlon X2 4200+ - $60

    Biostar A770 - $68

    Atton or Rosewill Case - $30

    LG DVD-Burner - $30

    OCZ StealthXtreme 600W - $84

    BFG/EVGA/XFX Geforce 8800GT - $200

    Since you're going for the best gaming PC, the idea is to get the cheapest in everything else and the best video card you can get. So basically, a cheap but effective AMD X2 CPU (cheaper than Intel, which is important here), budget motherboard, cheap mid-tower case, basic DVD burner, Cheapest high quality 600W PSU, and the almighty 8800GT.

    This comes about $25 short of $500 that you can use for shipping, or a CPU fan that will allow you to overclock somewhat. You'd be able to play a game like Crysis on medium to high settings at 1280x1024.


  3. dont use ebay

  4. try to save up for money i tryed this with 800$ and failed

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