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Budget "Gaming" PC parts help?

I am trying to build a budget gaming rig to play modest games. I'd like for it to be able to play games like dungeons and dragons online at really high settings(standard res) at around 60fps. The reason i'm posting this question is so someone can tell me all the parts I need to buy. I would like at the very least 2gb of ddr2 ram 250gb hard drive I don't know which graphics card(that's why I asked you guys!) A relatively fast processor ( I don't know which model, something at least dual core) And everything else like the power cable and motherboard and maybe a suggestion on a cheap case. My budget is around 450 dollars. I know, thats dirt poor for a computer but it's what I got.. Thanks a ton guys!

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  1. It is easy to build a high performance gaming PC if you have an unlimited budget. The BIG challenge is if you want a gaming PC but are on a budget. I assume the 450 you are talking about is in US currency as opposed to Japanese Yen, Euro, Canadian dollar, Russian ruble, Chinese Yuan or any other currency.

    I agree with you on these specifications.

    2 GB DDR2 RAM

    250 GB hard drive

    mini-tower case

    The three big things you need to consider is your



    graphics card

    If you choose the wrong components, it can bring you way over budget. Also, for gaming, I recommend aiming for 30 fps if you are on a budget as anything over 30 fps, the human eye can't distinguish anyways. I am also assuming that you already have your own computer monitor and do not need to buy a new one.

    These are the parts I recommend.

    CPU - AMD Athlon X2 7850, 2.80GHz, Socket AM2+, 2MB Cache, 2000MHz

    Reason: I chose am AMD CPU as they have a better price performance ratio then their Intel counterparts. At 2.8 Ghz with dual cores, this CPU packs punch at a great price.

    Price: $50


    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2P, Socket AM2, USB, LAN, PCIe, MicroATX

    Reason: Low price, high performance motherboard with PCIe x16, gigabit ethernet plus high definition audio and it supports future upgrades to a six core CPU.

    Price: $50


    Video Card: Sapphire ATI Radeon 5670 PCIe x16 2.0, 1GB DDR5 memory, DVI, HDMI

    Reason: Direct X 11, Open GL 4 compatible, better performance then nVidia price equivalent, can get 55 fps for World of Warcraft

    Price: $120


    The remaining $230 you will need for your computer case, keyboard, mouse, memory, power supply, speakers, cables, tax, etc.

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