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Laptop Liquid Cooling?

Ive been wanting to get a laptop for a while, and the main thing im going to be doing on it is gaming. Ive used my sisters, and friends laptops, and the fans are always on the side and they heat up alot and it burns my leg. I want to use liquid cooling, so I dont have to have the fans and such. Tell me the ups and downs of liquid cooling please :) oh btw, im not getting a PC, and im not going to put my laptop on a table because it burns my legs. I want you to answer my question. please.

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  1. i recommend with fan cooling.

  2. It depends on what you mean by "liquid cooling."

    There are no viable laptops that use "internal liquid cooling" meaning 'tubes of liquid that flow from CPU to GPU cooling the internal parts. There are mods, but they're bulky and stick outside of the laptop, making it non-portable, or they add so much weight that you would have too leave it on a table as a desktop replacement.


    -You can brag about your laptop's liquid cooling system.


    -It would be expensive to have it custom modded.

    -It would not be portable.

    My brother bought a ASUS EEE netbook which has no moving fans, it uses the keyboard as a giant heatsink. His magic "liquid cooling" consists of two large ice-packs wrapped in a cloth bag. He places them under his laptop instead of a 'fan based laptop cooling pad'. ThermaPAK, Thermaltake and perhaps other companies sell thinner "fanless-cooling pads" that might prevent your "leg burning problem.

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