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Is liquid cooling a necessity when purchasing a gaming PC?

I am new at this and I wanted to know if liquid cooling is a necessity when buying a new gaming PC?I I think the liquid cooling is for the PC to not heat but really I don't play for extensive amounts of time. Thanks :))

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  1. No, water cooling is for the enthusiast PC builders who want extreme overclocks and/or very low temperatures.

    Air cooling (whether it be stock or aftermarket) is more than enough.

  2. No not at all. Most people don't use liquid cooling at all, just the normal air cooling from fans.

    Liquid cooling IS good if you plan on doing some insane overclocking of your components.

  3. No it's best to just go with a regular fan and heatsink. Don't plan on using the stock fan though, they are typically terrible. I always recommend the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. It's a great fan, giving cooler temps and it can be had for about $30.

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